How to instantly repair a flat tyre with Effetto Mariposa’s Zot


There are different ways to repair a flat tubeless tyre. We wrote in the past about rubber plugs and how easy they are to use. Today we test how the combination between Effetto Mariposa’s sealant works with the instant polymerization catalyst Zot!, produced by the same company.

For the test we used an old tyre that we fixed with a rubber plug. We put the Caffelatex sealant in it, and we pulled the plug out of the tyre.


A race ready Zot! bottle costs 9.99 Euro on CRC, or cou can buy it directly from Effetto Mariposa’s website for 12 CHF: Caffelatex Zot! Nano.
The Zot! works only with the Caffelatex tyre sealant.

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