Michelin Launches Two New All Mountain Tires

[Press Release] – GREENVILLE, S.C., Feb. 16, 2021 — Michelin launched two new products in its range of All-Mountain mountain bike tires, the MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire and the MICHELIN WILD AM2 tire. These tires are designed to meet the demands of the most aggressive mountain bike trails.

“The MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire and the MICHELIN WILD AM2 tire feature a stronger casing, optimized compounds for better grip and a tread pattern with new technology for efficient braking,” said Richard Kornacki, director of two wheel for Michelin North America. “As a result, riders experience more speed and reduced damage.”


Both tires will be available in 27.5 and 29-inch fitments. Each size is offered in two widths: 2.40 and 2.60-inch to cover all-mountain, trail and longer travel cross country bikes.

The MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire is a fast rolling tire optimized for hard-pack and mixed trails. The tire has a directional tread pattern designed for excellent rolling efficiency, which also offers high grip under braking and cornering.

The MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire tread features elongated center blocks for reduced rolling resistance with numerous block edges for braking, grip and traction.

The shoulder blocks are inspired by the MICHELIN DH22 tire to ensure grip and stability in corners, along with progressive and predictable handling. An optimized ratio between tread blocks and grooves helps maintain momentum on trails.

The MICHELIN WILD AM2 tire is designed for mixed to soft terrain. The aggressive tread pattern ensures higher levels of grip with reduced rolling efficiency. Tall center blocks inspired the MICHELIN DH34 tire provide maximum traction for stability and braking on softer trails.

The MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire and the MICHELIN WILD AMtire feature rubber compounds and casings previously tested by top-level Enduro racers. These tires offer an optimal balance between grip, rolling efficiency, longevity, weight and puncture protection.

The MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire and the MICHELIN WILD AMtire feature flexible rubber on the shoulders for cornering grip. The dual-compound GUM-X Technology provides a stiffer center area to increase speed and longevity.

The Gravity Shield Technology casing uses a bead-to-bead high density fiber for protection from punctures and sidewall cuts. The two tires can be mixed and fitted in the front or rear positions shown below to accommodate rider preference and style.

The new MICHELIN FORCE AM2 tire and the MICHELIN WILD AMtire will be available in April 2021.

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