New Shimano XT 11S, Also With 11-42T Cassette


Tonight at the Sea Otter Classic Shimano will show the new Xt groupset to the media. We will be there, shooting photos and writing down all details, in the meantime read the official press release.

Our XTR review.


Shimano Deore XT 2016 technologies

NUNSPEET, NETHERLANDS (April 15, 2015) – Today Shimano proudly sets a new mountain biking benchmark, unveiling a genuine market-leading groupset for all enduro, cross-country and trail riders.

Revealed for the first time at California´s Sea Otter cycling festival this evening, the new Shimano DEORE XT M8000 raises the bar of the industry´s original mountain bike component groupset to accommodate four distinct mountain biking styles and limitless riding adventures.

Following mountain biking´s evolutionary path, Shimano DEORE XT M8000 delivers the 11-speed features and premium performance found on the top-of-the-range XTR-level components, elevating the performance of enduro and cross country riders on demanding trails or race circuits.

Now 11-speed, new DEORE XT M8000 brings powerful, dynamic performance that establishes a new benchmark for mountain bike excellence. With DYNA-SYS11 Shimano encourages modern mountain bikers to ride anywhere with its advanced gearing concept that helps maintain rider efficiency.

Designed with both XC and aggressive trail riders in mind, DYNA-SYS11 brings enduring performance thanks to smart materials and enhanced drivetrain stability due to new derailleur and chainring designs.

Gear ratios: Expanded Rhythm Step gear options


Like its XTR sibling, DEORE XT M8000 offers 1×11, 2×11, and 3×11 drive train solutions to satisfy any type of rider ability level or terrain.

Featuring RHYTHM STEP progression the DEORE XT M8000 maintains calculated, shock-free gear steps from one gear to the next, whether riding a 1×11, 2×11 or 3×11 set up, saving riders’ energy and helping maintain flow on any trail.


New 2×11 and 3×11 M8000 drivetrains expand range while maintaining even better rhythm when paired with an XTR-inspired 11-40T cassette (CS-M8000) for optimized cadence control.

An exciting addition for DEORE XT M8000 is a 1×11-specific 11-42T cassette (CS-M8000) with HG-X11 specific tooth profile to provide the widest cassette range Shimano has ever produced.

Combined with a premium 11-speed chain featuring HG-X11 asymmetric plate design and SIL-TEC surface treatment, the DEORE XT M8000 results in superior mountain biking performance.

DEORE XT cranks: Rider-tuned, customized set up for any terrain


DEORE XT M8000 cranks feature Rider Tuned 11-speed gearing that will take you anywhere you want to go. Whatever option you choose, new carbon chain rings with metal composite constructions provide consistent long-life shifting performance and chain management.


Meanwhile the TRUE TRAIL 2×11 option provides a 34-24T, 36-26T or 38-28T gear combination for greater driving efficiency, and a bold 3×11 set up (40-30-22T) provides the lowest gear and widest range ever produced.

New XT cranks are also available with a new wider platform (double, 36-26T, and single, 32T) for 148mm OLD (Overlock Nut Dimension) hubs (FC-M8000).

Reduced capacity for dropped chains


The 1×11 tooth profile on the XTR and new DEORE XT chainsets combine wide steel teeth shape with special hooked teeth design for lasting chain retention especially over uneven terrain. These improvements increase chain retention force by 150%, increasing chain life and drastically reducing the possibility of a dropped chain.

Lighter, stronger and more durable bottom bracket

The all-new DEORE XT cranks turn on an updated HOLLOWTECH II press fit (BB-MT800-PA) or threaded (MT800) bottom bracket. Using smaller, lighter bearings and a seal system proven on both XTR and road groups, the new bottom bracket reduces weight and bearing drag while improving mud durability. In short, less weight and increased rotational efficiency results in a faster DEORE XT ride.

Derailleurs: Re-designed with a lighter action


Both the front and rear DEORE XT M8000 derailleurs receive a complete makeover.

RD-M8000-SGS_zz_zz_STD_S1_draft RD-M8000-GS_zz_zz_STD_S1_draft

The DEORE XT M8000 rear derailleur features Shimano’s optimized SHADOW RD+ technology with a shallow angle and extremely low profile design, reducing shift effort and improving chain stability, resulting in sharp and silky gear changes. Meanwhile new high efficiency pulleys adapted for cross-chain riding feature a taller tooth profile for improved shifting. SHADOW RD+ friction clutch technology from the XTR range has been incorporated with increased ease of adjustment for either maximum stability or lower shift effort. The DEORE XT M8000 rear derailleur is compatible direct mount systems and 1×11 and 2×11 GS or 3×11 SGS set ups.


Debuting on XTR M9000, the light and crisp shift action of the DEORE XT SIDE SWING front derailleur (FD-M8025, FD-M8020 2×11 or FD-M8000 3×11 option) has been designed with long travel trail bikes in mind. All M8000 derailleurs bring a drastic reduction in shift effort with efficient cable routing and enhanced stability, while also increasing tire clearance allowing for shorter chainstays. High clamp, low clamp, D-type and E-type mounting options are available.

DEORE XT shifters: enhanced feel and ergonomics, 20% reduction in shift effort


As arguably the most tactile part of Shimano’s new DEORE XT M8000 groupset, the shifters play a vital aesthetic and ergonomic part. The dimpled long sweep paddle, grooved release paddle and OPTISLICK cable provide a 20% decrease in shift effort, crucial for the long distance endurance racer, and create an enhanced interface between rider and controls. The 2-WAY MULTI RELEASE mechanism provides a secondary gear change option whilst an improved VIVID indexing mechanism guarantees shift accuracy. Three options are available, the classic SL-M8000, I-SPECII (SL-M8000-I) for new XT and XTR and I-SPEC B-type (SL-M8000-B-I) for older or lower grade brake levers, catering for different brake choices.

SL-M8000-IL_L_zz_STD_S1_draft SL-M8000-R_R_zz_STD_S1_draft

Industry-standard braking gets even better


DEORE XT hydraulic disc brakes are the industry benchmark for affordable high performance. Consistently predictable and powerful, the trail-rated DEORE XT M8000 retains that standard while upgrading with a lighter, cleaner and more durable integrated master cylinder. This gives a sleeker look, saves weight and frees up valuable handlebar space. Refined Servo Wave levers provide improved feel and feedback, offering high power with a short brake pull. Like on past models, DEORE XT brakes retain tool-free reach adjust and Free Stroke adjust, whilst a narrow clamp band offers increased lever adjustment. The Rider Tuned system accommodates 140 to 203mm rotors and multiple brake pad choices.


Lighter, wider rimmed DEORE XT Race and Trail wheels


A focus on weight reduction and durability has driven the latest DEORE XT wheel development. The new DEORE XT Race (WH-M8000-TL-275/29) and DEORE XT Trail (WH-M8020-TL-275/29) high quality hand-built wheels come with tubeless-ready aluminum rims in 20mm and 24mm internal widths respectively. Each rim provides a wider platform for modern mountain bike tires while also saving 40 grams over previous models. All wheel sets use 28 butted spokes both front and rear.

WH-M8000-TL-R12-275_zz_R_STD_S1_draft   FH-M8010_zz_zz_STD_S1_draft HB-M8010_zz_zz_STD_S1_draft

DEORE XT pedals offer wider, redesigned platform


Shimano’s new DEORE XT PD-M8000 Race and PD-M8020 Trail pedals offer legendary SPD performance that improves the rider experience at the crucial connection point. Featuring a 2.8mm (M8000) or a 3.3mm (M8020) width increase, a 0.5mm platform height reduction, and increased pedal-to-shoe contact area, efficiency is improved by 7.7% (M8000) or 11.7% (M8020).

With increased stability and contact area over the previous generation, power, control and confidence are improved.

Expected Market Availability:

  • DEORE XT cassette, CS-M8000 11-40T / 11-42T : Jun / Jul 2015
  • DEORE XT crankset FC-M8000-2 (36-26T) : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT crankset FC-M8000-2 (34-24T)/1 (32T)/B1/B2 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT crankset FC-M8000-2 (38-28T) : Jul 2015
  • DEORE XT crankset FC-M8000-1 (30T/34T) : Aug 2015
  • DEORE XT crankset FC-M8000-3 (40-30-22T) : Sept 2015
  • DEORE XT chain HG-X11 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT rear derailleur RD-M8000-SGS, RD-M8000-GS : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT front derailleur 2×11, FD-M8025-H/L/D/E : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT front derailleur 2×11, FD-M8020-H/L/D/E : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT front derailleur 3×11, FD-M8000-H/L/D/E  : Oct 2015
  • DEORE XT hydraulic brake levers, BL-M8000 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT brake caliper, BR-M8000 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT rear shift lever SL-M8000 / M8000-I / M8000-B-I : Jun / Jun / Dec 2015
  • DEORE XT front shift lever SL-M8000 / M8000-I / M8000-B-I : Jun / Jun / Dec 2015
  • DEORE XT PD-M8000 Race pedals : Jul 2015
  • DEORE XT PD-M8020 Trail pedals : Jul 2015
  • DEORE XT front hub, HB-M8000/HB-M8010 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT rear/free hub, FH-M8000/FH-M8010 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT bottom bracket, BB-MT800/MT800-PA : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT Race wheel front 29” WH-M8000-TL-F-29/-F15-29 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT Race wheel front 27.5” WH-M8000-TL-F-275/-F15-275 : Jul 2015
  • DEORE XT Race wheel rear 29” WH-M8000-TL-R-29/-R12-29 : Jun 2015
  • DEORE XT Race wheel rear 27.5” WH-M8000-TL-R-275/-R12-275 : Jul 2015
  • DEORE XT Trail wheel rear 29” WH-M8020-TL-F15-29 : Sep 2015
  • DEORE XT Trail wheel rear 29” WH-M8020-TL-R12-29 : Sep 2015
  • DEORE XT Trail wheel rear 27.5” WH-M8020-TL-F15-275 : Aug 2015
  • DEORE XT Trail wheel rear 27.5” WH-M8020-TL-R12-275 : Aug 2015
  • Recommended brake hose kit, SM-BH90-SBM : Available now
  • Recommended brake rotors, SMRT81/86 : Available now

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