Santa Cruz/Juliana Introduce New Blur & Wilder

[Press Release] – Santa Cruz never went to cross country school. If we had, the report card would have read like a masterclass in delinquency: “Uses 120mm travel for 24 hour events.” “Races hardtails with 140mm forks.”

“Charges uphill on 160mm gravity bikes.”


We’ve been sat at the back of the class all our lives. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t been paying attention, and today’s the day we’re sticking our hands up with an answer.

The Blur combines everything we’ve learnt while skipping class. It’s the lightest full-suspension frame we’ve ever made (289g saving over the last generation, and builds up into a 23lb bike). And the lightest XC bike out there that doesn’t tremble like a cold canteen lunch. The 100mm Superlight™ suspension is designed for the likes of Maxime Marotte and Keegan Swenson to taste champagne.

The new Reserve 28 XC wheels are the lightest Reserve MTB rim (385g or 1367g complete) we’ve made. The rim bed is shallower and wider, meant for the newer generation of higher volume XC tires which are popular with elite racers.

This is a bike that’s built to settle disputes in the endurance playground too. Two water bottle mounts within the front triangle should keep chuggers happy. Meanwhile the high quality fit, finish and carbon construction delivers multi-day racers and mechanics a sweat free life without extra homework. There’s no fiddly proprietary parts that could leave you stranded in a Cape Epic or Breck Epic campsite.

XC isn’t one thing to all racers anymore. XCO, FKTs, marathon, multi-day, it’s a pick-your-poison kinda sport. That’s why we also offer a TR version of the Blur. The TR builds feature more travel (115mm rear, 120mm front), slightly beefier tires (Maxxis Rekons instead of Aspens), a full height adjust dropper post, no lockout remote, and larger brake rotors. It’s not a trail bike, it’s still a true XC bike for courses and riders with more trail in them.

Despite immeasurable extra-curricular training activities, the Blur still carries a lifetime guarantee and free replacement bearing policy.

So there you have it. Cross country the Santa Cruz way is a Blur. Much like life itself.


  • 29″ wheels
  • Two Models – XC: 100mm fr/rr & TR: 120mm fr / 115mm rr
  • S-XL
  • C and CC Carbon frame
  • Size specific chainstay lengths
  • Room for two bottles inside front end
  • Flex stay suspension
  • 1933 grams – Size Large frame with shock, seat collar, no rear axle
  • Lifetime warranty



Blur Full Specs: MY22_Blur_Kits_USD

Juliana Wilder

Born from Juliana’s cross-country racing heritage, Wilder takes us to a whole new level of lightweight speed and endurance. The 115mm of new Superlight™ suspension travel is matched to a super efficient carbon layup to create the lightest full-suspension bike in our line-up.

Saving weight means little without retaining an appropriate level of stiffness and responsiveness too. So we’ve taken all the acceleration and out-of-the-saddle sprint qualities of a carbon XC race rocket and fused them with a rear-end that still rails corners like a hardcore trail bike.

This unique XC-trail attitude is also reflected in the geometry. The head tube angle (67.1°) and reach (412mm on size small) is a little steeper and shorter than a Joplin to meet the demands of aggressive climbing, yet the Wilder’s seat tube angle is a touch slacker and the chainstays a little longer in order to retain that familiar Juliana confidence on descents. And talking of chainstays, each chainstay length is specific to the individual frame size; meaning riders of every height enjoy the same handling and performance no matter what.

Beyond the details, there are some bigger features that amplify this XC wild child’s abilities. Rapid rolling 29-inch wheels are paired with a 120mm fork to tame the feral lines and smooth the sketchiest of passing manoeuvres. There’s even room for two water bottles within the front triangle for bigger training and racing days.

If you’re game for a challenge and got some bucket list events to tick off, why not take a ride on the Wilder side of XC.

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