New Fox Transfer SL – 327 grams

Today Fox is presenting a new version of their Transfer dropper post that will take the name of SL, an acronym that stands for Super Light, given that the new product, in the lighter version, tips the scale at just 327 grams, 128 grams less than the Transfer.


The Transfer SL has a mechanical operation, therefore spring-loaded, without a hydraulic circuit, and offers only two positions, the fully extended or fully compressed one, without the possibility of intermediate positions.

Given the intended use of gravel and XC and the relatively short stroke, the intermediate positions are not strictly necessary as on the long travel trail and enduro style dropper posts.

The diameters available are 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6mm. The 27.2 option is available with 50 or 70mm of travel, the 30.9 and the 31.6 options are available with 75 and 100mm of travel. The longest version available has an overall length of 290mm.

The 1x shifter is compatible with SRAM Matchmaker, Shimano GRX and Shimano i-Spec EV bindings. The seat post is available in two versions, the Performance Elite and the Factory, with a Kashima finish and titanium hardware for an additional 10 gram weight saving. The first is sold at the list price of $329 while for the second the request is for $399.

Fox laughs


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