[Sea Otter] 9point8 dropper post


While cruising the pits at Sea Otter, the 9point8 dropper post caught our eye so we stopped in for a chat. Despite the fact that it doesn’t look vastly different from most posts on the market, the “Fall Line” post has some very unique features. We’ll start with the specs.
• $379 Price
• 500-600 grams installed with cable(weight depends on size/travel/length of cable)
• Infinitely adjustable
• Full titanium clamping hardware with black ti coating(anti gall)
• Cable actuated and air damped.
• No tool disconnect
• No pull adjustment(adjusting seatpost height won’t affect cable tension)




Two different clamps are available. Regular and offset.

As are two different levers which offer a host of different mounting configurations.
-top or bottom, left or right, index or thumb.
They even idiot proof their own product and ship them with this nifty 5mm torque wrench.

Stay tuned for a test at mtb-mag. We were pretty blown away at how many brilliant features were packed into this post. All in all, the Fall Line changed our perception about cable actuated post. No one likes bleeding posts but they’re generally smoother. The air damping on this unit was top notch, and it was incredibly simple and easy to pull apart. Time will tell.

Visit 9point8 for more details.


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