[Sea Otter] The new BOS Deville 35



Recently, BOS completely re-designed their Deville fork. Aimed at the Enduro sector of the market, it is available with 150mm to 180mm of travel, but that is NOT internally adjustable. If you want to change the travel, you need a new air spring as well as a new cartridge.


BOS were quick to point out that they have 3 new direct to customer service centers spread out in the US on the west coast, mid west and east coast. They’ve had a rough run with building consumer confidence in the states and this should help.

Aside from a massive chassis update, this is part of the big story. The 3 rods on the left are fitted to the bottom of the fork to adjust the negative spring, thus affecting progression in the opposite way that most MTB forks do. In the middle is the new, updated Frequency Control Valve. It’s said to help keep the fork open in rough mid sized hits, all while resisting dive and wallow, plus providing a usable range of high and low speed compression as well as a lockout.

That crown is hollow.
Massive rebound knob, but don’t worry, it’s fairly well protected….
Per the last caption, you can see that the pinch bolt protects the rebound knob.
That little hole is for a fender mount.
Relief in the crown part 2.
Relief in the crown part 3.
The view from the back…

We’ll be reaching out to BOS for a full review in the coming months…stay tuned. Availability is “May-ish” and the price will be “a little more than most of the competitiors”.

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