[Video] Swiss Epic Day 1: From First Place To Lost


Big bummer for our team today: we were leading the Swiss Epic Flow ranking before the last stage, but unfortunately we got lost because some cows moved one arrow at a key crossing, and a X (wrong way) sign was missing afterwards. We and the team that was 3rd in the ranking went down the wrong trail, having to climb back 300 vertical meters to reach the crossing.


Completely frustrated we hit the downhill to Leukerbad and stopped to notify the security guys that upper on the track the signs were missing, so that the teams after us (coming up with the next shuttle) would not get lost.

It looks like the jury decided to check the time we lost from the crossing and back and take it off our total racing time, using the Traktalis Live Tracking GPS data. Still, we were cruising back to Leukerbad, and we stopped to the security guys. Again, what a bummer. We will see what we are going to do tomorrow.

Well, this is the ranking after day 1. It looks like we have to hit the pedals hard to get to the top.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 18.30.30


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