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Brage Vestavik is back in town, his hometown Mysen, Norway. He spends most of his off season doing what he loves, digging, riding and hanging out with his bros Blur Media. Mysen does not really have any mountains, and the biggest hill is the same hight as the last drop in the edit.

“In the end of the season after a lot of traveling, all I wanna do is get home and do this! Dig trails and ride them after. Me and Blur Media had three days of filming at my home trails with some heavy weather each day! Honestly I didn’t really think it would be possible to ride at times hahah. From snow and frozen trails hard as concrete to rain, thick mud and soft rutted lips! But it feels the best when you make it work out there with your good friends! Me and Blur didn’t really had any plan with this edit, we just went out and had some fun. Big up to my fam Grandpa, Dad and a few local shredders for helping me with some trail building! Everyone should get out and build something, the feeling of riding something after working hard on it is the best!” -Brage

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