[Video] Epic Trail #7: Trenches & Tunnels from World War I




Equipped with lights for the various tunnels on this trail, I went to Monte Calisio, above Trento.

The underground fort in Mount Calisio was one of the largest and most modern facilities of the fortress of Trento. The excavation began in August 1915 and was completed in November, with a removal of about 10,000 tons of rock. The gallery had the classic “H” shape, consisting of two tunnels of 250 and 160 meters each, with a tunnel connecting them. Later vertical concrete wells of 10-12 meters were opened to install 2 Howitzers in armored domes, arranged 68 meters apart, a great distance decided by the major General Steinhart. On the top you can still recognize the support bases of the 9 cm / M16 aerial gun, reflectors and other structures. The pitch of the two tunnels ensured the continuous air.

Source: Wikipedia

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