What’s In A Pro Enduro Rider’s Pack?



We have been doing some serious testing the last few days in Punta Ala with our trail bike group test.  That meant that we have been out on the trails pretty much all day everyday for a week. Davide Sottocornola our pro Enduro rider who has been helping us out testing, has been carrying around a pack the whole time.



Davide on the trail pack on his back. We thought we would invade his privacy and see what was in it and also see what he chose to wear when going out for a ride from a technical point of view. Remember Davide spends hours a day in the saddle so he has all his needs and choices down to a fine art. He takes what is only necessary.


So this is Davide, ready to go for a ride, in normal weather (for Italy) he wears just shorts and a short sleeve jersey.


Davide is quite particular about avoiding overpacking.  In general his rides are 2-4 hours long, so he brings enough of what he needs. The weather tends to be pretty stable so he mostly leaves his outer layer at home and rarely rides when it rains, so he doesn’t need to bring it. (Lets just say warm climates are ideal places to travel to or live in for biking…)

Inside the pack he carries:

– A spare tube.
– A pump.
– A shock pump.
– His iPhone, (my god he uses that a lot… on the trail).
– A multi tool.
– A back up water bottle for the bike. Plus he has the liquid in the Camel Bak.
– His riding glasses.
– He also carries a car key and some cash, but he wasn’t showing us that…


Davide shows us his under-layers, very important for complete comfort in  15-25 degree Celsius weather and hours on the bike.

– He uses a bib short that stays in place with the wide, flat shoulder straps.
– His under shirt is lycra based with flat seams, the seams like this then don’t rub when sweating.


His contact points he keeps simple.

– His gloves are fairly lightweight, he likes this pair since they are pretty worn, and fit very close to his hand.
– His riding shoes have a fairly grippy sole and a recessed cleat design, as he sometimes has to get off the bike.
– He uses mid length socks where possible and avoids knee pads when trail riding.


He wears his pack, which contains some back protection as well, fairly central on his back, with the straps centralized, this way it does not shift or float around when he is moving about on the bike.


In his outer jersey pocket, he carries some energy packs.


His riding shorts, have the vents nearly always open, even if its cold.  He likes as much airflow as possible, reducing moisture buildup and keeping his legs comfortable.


Davide uses 99 percent of the time an open face helmet, unless race training. He has gone for an Enduro style half lid, notice also the camera mount on top for video.

Davide Sottocornola

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