[Gallery] Red Bull Rampage – Last Sends Before Finals

It’s the eve of Red Bull Rampage and the water has been shut off, 99% of the digging is done and just about every feature that needs to be tested has been. Riders will wake up rather early anticipating some morning practice before the time comes to commit to their shot at glory at the Super Bowl of mountain biking. Here’s what went down today…


The ants are marching! Spectators getting an up close and personal early tour via a special package before the big crowd arrives.

Emil Johansson testing out a no foot can on a smaller upper feature.

Brandon Semenuk – Switch 360 on the upper start drop.

Sorge flipping way up top with a view.

Tom Van Steenbergen testing out his behemoth drop that won him best trick last year. Another flip is coming…

Tommy G had a crash yesterday but strapped up and is back charging. Photo: Toby Cowley

Vinny T – mid mountain charging.

Carson Storch on the biggest drop in his line – he’ll likely tee up a 360 on this tomorrow.

Reed Boggs has been riding very confidently. Sending this big drop and greasing it at the price is right zone. It’s quite large and really long from this take off.

Paid in the shade.

Semenuk – 450 on his new massive hip after his upper double drop.

Brendog on The Rock – no caption necessary.

Olly Wilkins and Ben Deakin have been digging for Bren right up until dark tonight putting the very last lip in his line as the sun set.

After taking it a bit easy last year upon returning to injury, Aggy is going quite bit this year – Photo: Toby Cowley

Rheeder testing a new jump after his massive flat drop flip.

All eyes on Emil Johansson as he goes full freeride for a crowd.

Ethan Nell testing out his big drop near the bottom. Last year he did a suicide no hander. Word is, he plans to put a lip on and flip it for finals…

Sorge – moody vibes on a bit booter. Photo: Toby Cowley

Rampage vet Andrew Shandro talking shop with Rheeder.

A difficult run out on this jump meant a straight air for Rheeder, but we’ll likely see a suicide no hander in finals.

Fastplant 360 right out of the start gate. Emil is adapting well and the slopestyle tech prowess has been paying off.

┬áReece Wallace sending the massive drop at the bottom. He shares it with Emil Johansson and Reed Boggs. It’s brand new and hard to put into words how big it is…

Another angle of Semenuk’s big hip.

Brendog steezing the canyon gap. We’ll be seeing a flip here tomorrow, for sure.

Johnny Salido with a suicide no hander out of the start gate.

T-Mac on a very large drop with a fairly poppy lip. We think he’ll be flipping it come finals. Photo: Toby Cowley

Now that he’s greasing backflip suicides, Brendog is 100%, officially a freerider.

Hopefully the flags and windsocks are barely moving tomorrow for finals. See you on the other side.

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