[Spy Shots] FSA Gravity Line Up And Prototypes. 35mm New Bar Standard?


Full Speed Ahead make a huge range of components at their advanced facility in Taichung, Taiwan, we were recently there and were able to grab a few shots of some pre-production prototypes that they have been working on. In a highly unusual move we ignored the no photo sign and took a few shots. We managed to get the idea that these are currently in their 4th stage of development and although look nearly ready, the final components are not and need to undergo further testing and finalisation. To arrive in production and in customers hands it would take another year or so. As FSA are a large after market brand they will probably be available in many versions to cover the different standards out there. There were hints of other things they are working on, but at this stage nothing is confirmed more than what we saw and were able to squeeze out of them.

A single ring prototype with a drop stop ring, note the teeth profiles.
Different rings for different people and different bolt patterns.
This 2X10 looked really good, we liked the machining which was very high quality.
It was all there on the table.
Looks like 35mm might be the new stem gravity standard.
35mm gravity prototype bar. Again it may not remain in this form, but gives a glimpse of what is coming.
We weren’t joking when we say spy shots.
Definitely 35mm, this will apparently be the new standard on all bikes.
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