Worlds MSA: Brook Macdonald Suffers Spinal Injury

New Zealander Brook Macdonald suffered a serious back injury yesterday during practice on the downhill world championship track. He slipped on a jump at the top of the track, landing on his back and breaking 2 vertebrae, losing feeling his legs. Unfortunately, the relief efforts was very slow and Brook had to wait four hours before arriving at the hospital. Now that the rescue has been completed, it seems that Brook reportedly has some feeling in his legs again.


The doctor on site, having seen that the rider was not in life threatening danger, activated a private helicopter service whose pilot was on standby at home (otherwise the army would have intervened). Apparently two hours had passed, because he had problems finding a place to land.

Macdonald has undergone surgery, for the moment there are no official statements.

Given the slow speed in relief efforts, the organization and teams met to discuss the situation ahead of today’s final. Among other things, some roots were cut off before the jump, where other athletes had fallen before and after the accident.

Note: Macdonald was wearing a back protector (mandatory).

Heal up fast Brook!

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