La fangazza di Leogang – campionati del mondo

La fangazza di Leogang – campionati del mondo

Marco Toniolo, 08/10/2020

Prime prove sul tracciato fangossissimo di Leogang. Domani il tempo dovrebbe essere bello, poi è in arrivo l’inverno con quasi mezzo metro di fresca. Si terrà la gara di DH più importante della stagione, la prossima domenica? Vedremo…




    As you might be aware there is snow forecast during Saturday night and into early Sunday morning.

    The organisation are in constant contact with the Austrian meteorological office to follow the weather situation and they have planned a night-shift of workers over Saturday night who will clear the course.

    They will also implement heaters in the start hut and by the hot seat, and riders can also warm-up in the mid-station, but not in the base garage which is limited to the television bubble.

    In the very unlikely event that extreme weather forces the cancellation of the DHI Final on Sunday then the result of the Qualification determines the final result of the event, but please be assured every effort will be made to avoid this situation.