[Video] Cam McCaul vince il Crankworx Colorado

[Video] Cam McCaul vince il Crankworx Colorado


Qui sopra potete vedere le fasi salienti del contest.

I primi 10 classificati:
1. Cam McCaul 93
2. Brandon Semenuk 92
3. Sam Pilgrim 91.67
4. Cam Zink 91
5. Yannick Granieri 89.33
6. Martin Soderstrom 85.33
7. Amir Kabbani 84.33
8. Greg Watts 83.33
9. Jarret Moore 82.67
10. Ben Glassen 81

Alcuni commenti dei riders presi da Twitter:

Brandon Semenuk

 Wind is a bummer. Would of seen more guys dial in there runs without it. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn’t. Just the way she goesCam Zink
Really bummed about the wind, but really glad I didn’t try to flip-one-foot-x to my face though…

Cam McCaul
Thanks 2 everybody 4 the congrats messages! Really appreciate it. Feels sooo good 2 officially be back! Broken leg was 1 year ago tomorrow

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