La Valle Argentina devastata dal maltempo – come aiutarla


La Valle Argentina, in Liguria, probabilmente è più famosa all’estero che non fra i rider italiani. Non è infatti un caso se Anka e Sven Martin, neozelandesi che passano le estati in quel posto, sono i promotori di una campagna di sostegno per aiutare la popolazione locale dopo la tempesta del 2 ottobre. I danni sono notevoli e, senza andare a vedere come sono conciati i trail, bastano le foto qui di seguito per capire che prima vengono le case, le strade e le attività economiche, già messe in ginocchio dal Covid.

Qui trovate il link per aiutare. Di seguito il testo di Anka e Sven (che probabilmente conoscete per le sue foto).


Friends, Molini needs our help!

Anka & Sven Martin here (along with Adrian Nash from Riviera Bikes & the whole community), reaching out to the mountain biking community for some love & support after a very special place we call home, was hit by a natural flooding disaster on Friday 2nd October 2020.

The beautiful Argentina Valley in Liguria, Italy has been hit hard by a massive storm last night, leaving behind a trail of total destruction. Major roads & bridges have been washed away by the raging rivers, leaving many villages unreachable, completely cut off & people stranded. Houses were flooded & destroyed, cars swept away, tree’s uprooted & many businesses destroyed beyond repair. Shuttle vehicles & trailers have been lost along with a complete garage with trail & bike tools. I can’t even imagine what it’s done to our beloved mountain bike trail network in the valley – one of the biggest draws for visitors to towns like Molini, Andagna & Triora which were already suffering big time due to the complete absence of tourism this season thanks to COVID.

I know there are so many of you out there who have a special connection to this valley & its amazing people and trails. Many of you with the most amazing memories of riding holidays here & who love it just as much as the locals. We need your help & support to get Molini back up on it’s feet so we can all enjoy the beauty of this place once again. I know this year there has been so many fundraising pages doing the rounds, but if the thought of Molini & this valley brings a smile to your face & a sparkle to your eyes, please help out with anything you can to bring the life back into the village and get these wonderful people set up again to continue with their businesses & livelihoods.

At this stage we need to clean up the carnage & the mess before we can start rebuilding the valley. The money will go towards paying for tools & equipment to aid in the clean up, to provide food for the volunteer groups doing the work and to try and salvage any of the remaining mountain bike trails that remains & for the volunteers to rebuild and maintain these trails. The awesome new kids playground needs to be rebuilt & the town will need to be beautified once more with flower boxes. I have no idea what the cost of all of this will be at this stage, but every penny will go to good use, that much I can guarantee.

And then lastly, when we’re back on our feet (which we will be) we need you all to come back to play in our little slice of paradise, to eat & drink endless Prosecco’s & swim in our beautiful rivers again, creating new rad memories with your mates.

Thank you from the bottom of everyone’s hearts over here for helping out – it really does mean the world to this small community.

Everything is going to be Tutto Bene, okayyyyyy!

Much love from all of us in the valle.



  1. Grazie Mtb mag per la condivisione dell'iniziativa! Io vivo alla base della Valle Argentina e la frequento spesso soprattutto per i meravigliosi trails che offre. Sono sicuro che i tenaci abitanti di quei posti si risolleveranno presto.
    Consiglio a tutti i lettori del mag di provare a fare un giro da queste parti una volta tornati alla normalità..
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