Remy Metailler si rompe una vertebra al Taxco DH



Brutta caduta di Remy Metailler all’ultimo salto del Taxco DH, dove il francese ha provato a chiudere un backflip, arrivando però lungo. Come descritto nel post di Instagram che trovate qui sotto, si è rotto la vertebra T6. Buona guarigione!

Half a second after that shot I broke my back. I have not been progressing as fast as I wanted since I starting riding because I have always made my health the priority over the results or any other thing. The past saturday, I flipped the last jump of #DownhillTaxco and overshot a tiny bit. Just enough to take the biggest slam of my life, all on my back. I made a mistake and I landed like you never want to land. The shock was horrible and I knew even before I bounced on the floor that I had broken a vertebra. I wanted to make sure I won’t move before doing X-rays. The doctors took care of me and told me it was just the muscles. At this point I was just so happy but I knew my body and that it was probably more than this. The pain was not bad. I walked and danced fine after they told me I was ok, without taking any drugs. Yesterday I went to double check in Guadalajara before flying to France. Within two seconds the doctor saw I had cracked and compressed my T6. I was just walking, holding things, bending with no real struggle. My bones were not painful. Now I am going to rest the bone, and then go back to the gym to get stronger and healthier than ever. I am so determined and motivated to work harder than ever. Thanks @interproteccion, @altiusevents, @northmanco and @mdhbikes for the support. Photo by @nicoswit_photo. @commencalbikes @maxxistires @raceface604 @camelbak @vorsprungsuspension @acros_components @e13_components @htcomponents @allmountainstyle @whistlercore @camplifecoffee @whistlergrocery @whistlertrainer @bellbikehelmets @smithoptics. Thanks as well to every other riders, fans for the support and the great times. See you very soon.

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