Sui muri in bmx

Sui muri con l’uomo ragno in bmx, ovvero Sebastian Keep, che si sfoga in diverse città britanniche dando seguito al suo primo video di qualche anno fa.


Il primo video:

Come raidare sui muri in bmx

The launch: “This is the moment where the hard part is done – the decision to let go of the fear. You can’t see underneath the level – it’s completely blind, so you look at the wall ahead and trust. It’s a massive mind game.”

The air: “In this moment you’ll know instantly whether it’s going to be a few glorious milliseconds of flight, or to prepare for a crash landing.”

The vert: “Once the flight has reached its apex, you start to plan for the landing by looking through the bike frame to line it up with the wall. You don’t want to be too close to the wall, but you really don’t want to miss it completely and land hard on the flat ground.”

The exit: “A bittersweet moment of relief and disappointment – the job is done.”

For the sequel, the rider and his team have taken a more above-board approach. “We’ve got council permissions,” he explains. “A couple of hours to be at each spot, everything done correctly. I prefer it this way because there was more stress before. When I did the Croydon gap, there was a guy on a moped.

No one had thought to stop him; this is how guerrilla we were. I was in the air and could see him. As I slid down in front of him, he stopped, looked at me and just carried on. It’s nice to know I’m not going to have any collisions with Domino’s Pizza deliveries this time.”

Sebastian Keep


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