Audi Nines: video del best trick


Ecco i numeri validi per il Best Trick durante l’Audi Nines 2020. Diego Caverzasi è arrivato secondo con un backflip combo, vincitore è stato lo svedese Lukas Skiöld.

YouTube video



In the Best Trick (Slopestyle) category, Sweden’s Lukas Skiöld took first place with a highly technical combination, landing a backflip with barspins in both directions and a whip tossed in for good measure. He was followed by Diego Caversazi in second and Peter Kaiser in third, both with their own innovative backflip combos. Spaniard Adolf Silva sealed the win in the Best Trick (Downhill Bike) category with his stunning Cali Roll, which he first landed at Audi Nines in 2018. Nico Scholze’s world-first Cordova Backflip earned him second place, while Antoine Bizet took third with his Opposite Cash Roll, yet another never-before-seen trick.



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