Santa Cruz acquistata da Pon Holdings


Il nome Pon Holdings può non dirvi niente, ma sicuramente conoscete Focus e Cervelo. Entrambi questi marchi appartengono al gruppo olandese Pon Holdings, che ora si è comprato anche Santa Cruz. “Un’offerta che Rob Roskopp (il fondatore e proprietario di SC) non poteva rifiutare”. Questo il commento a caldo di Davide Bonandrini, che continuerà a distribuire Santacruz anche per la stagione a venire.


Roskopp rimane in azienda, quindi si può interpretare questa acquisizione come un afflusso di capitali per far crescere ulteriormente il marchio. Si sa però che in questi frangenti chi è abituato a lavorare indipendentemente e senza rendere conto a nessuno andrà incontro a grandi cambiamenti.


Il comunicato ufficiale:

Santa Cruz Bicycles is at the top of its game. Our line-up is stacked with hit models, we’re the reigning DH World Cup champions, and we’re on track for a third year in a row of record-breaking business success. This is all thanks to the unrivaled team of people who work here, our dealers, and the business partners we align with.
We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership that will help us consolidate this position. Please let us take a moment to explain why:

For the past 21 years, our success has been driven by one simple fact; we only build bikes we want to ride ourselves. We back this up by supporting those who race at the highest level, developing bikes with the advantage to win. Over and over again. We ride with friends for fun, and partner with the most inspiring events in the racing calendar. Our image is an un-fabricated reflection of what we do. And we think that riders around the world have come to respect that honesty.

So here’s some more truth: with success comes expectations, and we’re now in a position where we need to keep meeting the high expectations of our business partners, dealers and, most of all, the riders.

We’re the first to admit that there’s been moments when our ability to deliver bikes as promised hasn’t met the standard we aspire to. Our design and engineering is our centerpiece – as it should be – and we’ve come a long way over the years with product performance and quality. Our next target is to elevate our business operations to these same levels. Those of you who run businesses can appreciate how much work that really is, and how many things you must get right. It’s not easy.

To help us achieve this, we’ve accepted an offer of acquisition by Pon Holdings, a private family-held company based in the Netherlands.

Pon is known to many as the parent company of the Cervélo and Focus brands; however their expertise runs far deeper than the cycling industry. Experienced in servicing brands such as Porsche, Volkswagen and Caterpillar, Pon are a truly global business whose knowledge of dealer support across a range of industries brings unprecedented benefits to Santa Cruz Bicycles and our customers.

We have a unique heritage, borne from Rob Roskopp’s vision of what the future of mountain biking can be. Pon will help us continue chasing that vision in a more organized and sustainable fashion as we strive to meet demand.

Such announcements often close with some tired statement along the lines of “…and it won’t change how we operate”. We’ll spare you from that, because we want to improve how we operate, that’s the whole point. This will help us put more of our bikes in your hands. It’s also important to know that Rob Roskopp remains as CEO and all the management team stays in place too, so we’ll be able to continue to build on the momentum we’ve gained over the past few years.

Thanks for all your support.


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