Tahnée Seagrave si infortuna alla spalla a Fort William

La leader della classifica di coppa del mondo DH ha potuto godere molto brevemente del pettorale numero 1. In allenamento sulla pista bagnata di Fort William è caduta malamente sulla spalla rompendosi la clavicola e strappandosi il relativo legamento che la tiene in posizione.


Le auguriamo una pronta guarigione!

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This post is a little hard for me to write but I felt like I needed to keep you all up to date. I didn’t get to enjoy the #1 plate for very long as I had a real bad crash in my first run this morning in the top section. The first thing to hit was my right shoulder on a rock. I train real hard to avoid as much damage as possible when something like this happens & until now I’ve been pretty bullet proof, but this time it was a little harder for me to get back up! For now all I know from an X-ray is that I’ve torn my AC joint which has separated my collarbone from my shoulder. I’ve now got a new goal at hand and that’s to get back riding and racing my bike ASAP! 🙏🏻 I’ll be getting an MRI and seeing a specialist to check there is no further damage🤞🏻I will keep you all updated! ❤️ I didn’t even get a chance to wear the leaders jersey 😂 until next time…. 🙏🏻 pics @maddogboris

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