[Tested] Schwalbe’s New Wicked Will

Presented indirectly yesterday on the Scott Spark 2022, the Schwalbe Wicked Will tires are the missing link between the German company’s XC and enduro tires. Last year we covered the new Schwalbe casings, and many have noticed the increase in weight in the face of greater strength.


This meant there was no rubber between 800 and 900 grams, in a 29 inch wheel. Schwalbe has provided with the new Wicked Will, a cross between XC and trail, with well pronounced side knobs but with faster rolling center knobs. We have two sets of tires in testing for a few weeks, the Super Race and the Super Ground, so we can give you our impressions.

Let’s start with the measured weights:

  • Super Race 29″ X 2.4″: 860gr
  • Super Ground 29″ X 2.4″: 888gr

The Super Race with Skinwall were mounted on Andrea Chiesa’s Stoll T2 (front and rear), while the Super Grounds on my Pivot Switchblade (rear only). I preferred not to put them in front because the Switchblade goes beyond the trail bike and I prefer a softer compound. We have never had a flat, despite the fact that the test trails are very rocky.

Speaking of compound, Wicked Will only exist in Speed ​​Grip compound, or at least this is the only compound that has come to us.

The first thing you notice is the fast rolling speed uphill. We expected it, given the profile. Where we were both surprised, however, is in the off-road cornering grip, thanks to the pronounced side knobs and firmness in the shoulders. Hard or soft terrain – there is not that much difference, because the Wicked Will is a good allrounder. Despite the blue compound, dubbed Speedgrip, the side knobs deform well on the ground, giving excellent traction.

The limit of this tire lies in the wet, especially when braking or on steep uphill climbs. As mentioned earlier, the casing was a pleasant surprise in terms of pinch resistance. Obviously the test took place without inner tubes, ie tubeless. The pressures used ranged from 1.6 bar at the rear to 1.3 bar at the front.

Finally we come to availability: Schwalbe says they will be on the market starting from the first quarter of 2022 …



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