Forcella EXT da enduro in arrivo?

Forcella EXT da enduro in arrivo?

Marco Toniolo, 06/12/2019
Marco Toniolo, 06/12/2019

Gli amici di hanno organizzato un incontro con gli addetti ai lavori tedeschi, fra cui Nicolai. Proprio su una Nicolai Geometron è comparsa una forcella lavorata al CNC che ci fa pensare ad un’azienda tutta italiana attiva nel mondo delle sospensioni, di cui è poi anche l’ammortizzatore Storia montato sulla Geometron: EXT.

Da tempo girano voci su una forcella da enduro del marchio vicentino.

Si tratta ovviamente di un prototipo da cui si può dedurre l’ambito di utilizzo enduristico e il diametro degli steli, probabilmente di 36mm.

Restate sintonizzati per maggiori info!



  1. Interessante , specie se avrà le qualità del loro ammortizzatore . Che geometrie ha la Nicolai Geometron ? dalla foto pare un chopper !
    P.S Nell'ultima foto a destra della Nicolai appare un avantreno con forcella a steli rovesciati , sapete di che si tratta ?
  2. Dal profilo instagram @mojo_risin96

    We are going to give you '38 reasons' why you should wait for the ERA fork from @extremeshox

    Number 1- a massive reduction in Friction, static friction and sliding friction brings benefits everywhere!

    Number 2- you get more POP!

    Number 3- you get more GRIP!

    Reason number 4: EXT have been benchmarking all the enduro fork options on the dyno to find out how much stiction there is in each single part of the forks… Dampers, air shafts, seal blocks, main seals and bushes have all been tested individually and as assemblies for static and sliding friction with and without side load. You would be amazed how much support comes from stiction in a long travel, single crown fork. so much that damping is largely irrelevant at many shaft speeds…

    Reason number 5: EXT have tested a lot of different types of bushings and bushing materials in these lowers and have made massive strides forward in reducing static and sliding friction. This is music to our ears as we've learnt a thing or two about this and modified/changed/swapped/hacked countless sets of bushings over the years and nobody listened... Until now

    Reason number 6: Reduce un-predictable stiction and you can add support with more predictable and configurable damping! I could write another 10,000 words on why stiction is the enemy of the bicycle fork and where it can come from but I won't bore you here!

    A damper made by the damping experts. Looks a little different to current mountain bike fork dampers. If you're in the market for a new fork this year here's 2 more of the #38reasons we're going to give you to wait for the ERA.

    Reason 8- a damper with a large piston provides much greater control over the damping behaviour. Access to a greater variety in shim sizes and shim stacking sequences.

    Reason 9- a new style of adjusters to individually tailor the adjuster range above and beyond the main piston.
    If you really want to know more about damping and it's fundamentals, visit EXT's website and read their Tech Lab episodes.

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