Niner in concordato preventivo

Niner ha annunciato il concordato preventivo, Chapter 11, nell’ambito di un’operazione di vendita dell’azienda ad un gruppo di investitori del Colorado. Niner era alla ricerca di fondi per poter continuare ad operare, e pare ora aver trovato dei finanziatori che le permetteranno di mantenere intatta la struttura aziendale e di potersi dedicare a futuri progetti. Progetti che, stando a quanto affermato da Chris Sugai, uno dei fondatori di Niner, non erano finanziabili solo attraverso gli utili.

Secondo Raceware, il distributore italiano, Niner si concentrerà sullo sviluppo di una bici elettrica e (cit.):  il passaggio al concordato preventivo è stato un passaggio tecnico che concede alleggerimenti importanti dal punto di vista fiscale quando una azienda viene ricapitalizzata.

Potete leggere qui cosa è un concordato preventivo e quali conseguenze abbia sui creditori.

Questo il commento di Sugai:

When I co-founded Niner back in 2005 it was due to my passion for bikes. That passion has only grown stronger through the years. It’s a blast, and has bee, learning so much about this industry and meeting so many passionate people who share my love of cycling. In recent years, Niner’s growth has slowed. We need to be able to grow to continue to be innovative and make great, reliable products. So, we have found a local Colorado group of businessmen, who are passionate about cycling, who call themselves Columbia Basin Partners and they have agreed to purchase the company. Through the rumor mill or misinterpreting how Chapter 11 bankruptcy works, you may have heard that we are going out of business. This is simply not true. In order to make the sale happen, we have had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy which allows us to restructure our finances. We will emerge from Chapter 11 in roughly 60 day, on January 30, 2018 on more solid financial footing. In the meantime, we are well-funded and able to meet our financial obligations. Business is as usual around the offices. We are shipping bikes, helping riders with concerns, including warranty concerns, and all of our regular daily duties that makes Niner tick. Our team remains intact and is doing what we always do – working to support our riders and our local bike shops in whichever ways they need. My main goal, and our goal as a company, is to put big grins on the faces of mountain bikers and sure we are able to continue to support mountain biking. The 31 team members I have the pleasure of working with each day are avid riders. And we all believe in the power of mountain biking, the importance of supporting trail access and the ability for mountain biking to have an incredible impact on people’s lives. We’re in this for the long haul and soon will have the ability to innovate more and continue to create incredible products. And as always, we’ll continue to push for trail access so riders have great places to ride. 

We appreciate your support and hope to see you on the trails.


Chris Sugai


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