Le bielle per variare la cinematica delle Yeti

Le bielle per variare la cinematica delle Yeti

Staff, 22/11/2020
Staff, 22/11/2020

Cascade Components presenta il suo ultimo linkage per Yeti, precisamente per la SB140, dopo aver già in gamma quelli per la SB130 e la SB150. In questo caso, l’escursione sale di 5mm, portandola a 145mm, mentre la progressività aumenta del 20%. Cascade dice che così è più facile bilanciare la resistenza al fondo corsa e la sensibilità alle piccole asperità, aumentando allo stesso tempo il supporto agli urti di media intensità.

Qui sotto trovate il comunicato stampa ufficiale.

Our collection of Yeti linkages has been expanded to bring the proven benefits of our SB130 and SB150 links to those that prefer smaller wheels. We are proud to announce the Cascade Components link for the Yeti SB140. The link increases progression to 20% and bumps the travel to 145mm. This means it’s easier to balance bottom out resistance and small bump sensitivity instead of having to choose one or the other. Larger G-outs and cornering feel more composed as well, due to the added mid-stroke support. Additionally, the bike now laughs off the same roots and square edge trail features that it used to hang up on. When the trails get fast, let the Cascade Components link let you keep your fingers off the brakes with the additional stability gained by .5 degree slacker headtube and lower bottom bracket height.

The SB140 link is available in black, orange, and silver

The Cascade Components link is perfect for those who demand a bit more from the stock shock or who want to run a coil for the ultimate play bike. The Cascade Components link is not coil specific, however, and works equally well with air and coil shocks. Anyone who finds themselves adjusting their shock, whether it be damping or volume spacers, and worrying about unintended consequences of that adjustment will benefit from this link. No more having to worry about increased damping making small bumps get fed straight through to you or a spiky end of travel that can result from too many volume spacers.

Specs and Details

• 145 mm of travel
• Progression increased to 20% compared to 13% with stock link
• Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
• CNC’d from 6061-T6 in the USA
• Colors: Black, silver, orange
• Cost: $269 USD.

For those of you curious about how the pedaling stacks up against the stock link, check out the plot in the SB140 photo album. Just be warned that the difference is small enough to not be noticeable. This link is not intended to improve pedaling at all.

For more information click cascadecomponents.bike/collections/yeti-linkages/products/yeti-sb140-link.



  1. altissima gioielleria!!!!!! Al di là dell'upgrade funzionale, queste creazioni in alu le considero delle vere e proprie opere d'arte! Hope insegna!
  2. Per l'estetica non sò se vale la pena, per la funzionalità sicuramente no, per lo meno per la mia esperienza negativa con SJ Evo 2019